Thursday, 19 March 2009

Movin' on....

Things just keep moving along this week. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by saying that, but things are pretty good again. So far I'm on track for another 8 sessions this week - make that 8 quality sessions. Lately I've forced myself to follow the "Train smarter not harder" mantra, with the thought that regardless of the number of workouts I do, I should be getting something out of them other than "junk mileage."

And speaking of junk, my shoes are toast. As of my last run, my die-hard Brooks Glycerins have accumulated 690km. Most manufacturers say their shoes have a limit of about 700km...but I weigh over 200lbs so I think my pair have hit their end of life a long time ago.

I think the impact (pun intended) from that is being felt too. Muscles are feeling awfully tight lately, ankles and knees are aching more, and that damned right-foot issue (whatever it is) creeps in earlier and earlier in my runs. I feel the soreness in the pool and on the bike - nothing alarming nor indicative of an injury, but it could turn into something quite easily. This weekend is New Shoes Weekend for me - no matter what!

Taking some of the load off today, I hit the pool at Ottawa University again with Peter. Since Monday's masters swim was long, I decided to toss in some speedwork for myself today, and ended up with 1900m in total. I regained focus too, ensuring that I did proper warmup/cooldown, and actually did my 200m each of drills and kicks. I made sure Peter did the same in his set (especially after he decided to "show off" with 25m of butterfly at the end of his main set). I felt good throughout, but realized that I need to keep my body rotation and left-side pull in check when I get tired. Things feel either jammed/blocked or "floppy" when fatigue sets in, and the right-side makes up for the slack.

Last night I got to spin with my wife again. This time we did the first half of Tough Love (Spinervals 13.0) and burned a heap of aerobic calories. A good time was had, and we ended up with a bit of jelly in the legs.

Tomorrow, rumor has it that Steve (a coworker of mine) is joining us for a run. That means I'll need to be in tip-top shape for that. Steve normally hits about a 40min 10k, and his tempo pace is beyond my 5k race pace - it should be fun. Better pack some gel. :D

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