Tuesday, 31 March 2009

More intensity

Run: 8.5km @ 45min10 (Rideau Canal)
- includes 10 x 30sec sprints with 2min recovery

Nothing special today, except that against every nagging voice in my head, I did manage to get out for this run. I wasn't really excited about either of my run choices (the other choice was an 8mi meander run), but in the end I'm quite happy with this run. I feel like I got more good quality efforts out of this one.

The only downside was that my footpod is once again out of battery power. Seems like the battery only lasts about 3-4 weeks, and I'm wondering if a seal is shot and water is getting in.  I know I'm running more, and that I've configured the sample rate to 15sec, but that still seems short to me.

Tonight I plan on a spin, and again I'm debating which would be more enjoyable - either a 1hr15 foundation ride, or a 65min ride with power intervals in the middle. Any thoughts?


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