Sunday, 1 March 2009

Let the season begin!

Run:  14.8km @ 1hr29 (Navigating the suburbs)

Today was a great day!  But before I get into it and kill the buzz later on, here's the key points:
  • I'm hanging on rather well (with the help of my wife) with the marathon training.  Today's run went well, with the "standard" aches and pains not setting in as early.  I'll attribute that to two things:  a better focus on form, and two days rest.
  • Tomorrow is the first day of my 2009 triathlon season.  Monday, March 2 is Day 1 of Week 1, as I aim for a minimum of two half-irons again this season (unless I win that Ironman lottery - then everything changes).
Now on to the good stuff.  One of the lovely jewels of Ottawa is the Rideau Canal.  In the winter, he water level is dropped by 5 or 6 feet and it turns into the Worlds Largest Skating Rink - 7.8km in length.  And it's all groomed, flooded and maintained about as well as most indoor rinks.  Finally, the weather and the illnesses worked in our favor and we headed out with our daughter - she's been looking forward to this for some time!

My daughter's been taking skating lessons through her school for the year, and she's gone from being scared to just get on the ice to covering roughly 1000m on a natural ice surface today!  After 90min of skating, she didn't want to quit either!  Oh, when that little girl gets older, she's going to keep me VERY busy!

The three of us went up and down and up and down the ice surface, enjoying the wonderful weather and seeing the sites.  The Canal was busy, but not overly so, and it was a very relaxing and enjoyable for all of us.

After that we took ourselves for lunch at Lone Star - not our favorite place, but they make the best chips and salsa (our daughter's new favorite snack).  
I probably shouldn't slander the restaurant - it is good (honest!) but after getting real TexMex in Houston, Texas, well, it's just not quite the same!

It was a fantastic day, and one that we just didn't want to end.  Now I'm hoping that the weather holds up for next weekend, so we can make another trip back for more skating!

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Closet Artist said...

I made the comment this morning that perhaps we could go back to the canal since the weather is a bit colder and it was met with an enthusiastic "Yes!". She wants to meet you for lunch and then go skating. Your boss wouldn't mind, would he? LOL