Wednesday, 11 March 2009

"Knee-ds Improvement" and "A Future Olympian?"

Spin: 55min (Spinervals Fitness 4.0)
Run:  28min (Rideau Canal)
incl. 8x30sec sprints on 30sec rest

Knee's feeling "nearly great" - no issues but it's still making itself known a little bit. But with the good swim and run sessions on Monday, I felt it was time to step-up and test it out on the bike. I had the added bonus of doing this workout with my wife right beside me on the spin bike. She pushed pretty hard on it, which helped me up the intensity. The only time my knee bothered me was on some of the high-gear stuff, and even then it was only when I tried to increase the cadence at that gear. I was even able to do the plyometric and isometric squats with no pain or discomfort (although I don't think the knee-bend was quite as deep as usual). I'm feeling much more confident now knowing that this leg might not be as bad as originally thought...but I'm still taking it a bit easy on it just to make sure.

The future Olympian isn't me (seriously - just trust me on that), but rather my daughter. Yesterday was Parent's Day where the kids could show off their new skills from their gymnastics classes. My wife and I were very interested to see this (as always) but this last session our little one was moved up to an older group because of her skill level. And it was amazing to see! That little girl was doing a lot of stuff on all of the apparatus - balance beam, vault, trampoline, and floor. She was one or two years younger than many of the others, but she was right there with them! I was so proud! And so was she (until she got tired near the end)! It was great to see the pure, innocent joy and pride in her as she performed. Big smiles, big heart!

Today's run was certainly tougher.  There was still some fatigue from last night's ride, and the wind was s-t-r-o-n-g!  The intervals were much more challenging because of that, but at least the weather was nice and warm (well above the freezing mark).  Tonnes of water around too, thanks to the still-frozen drains.  I nearly skipped out on the run because of work today, but when I saw tomorrow's weather forecast of -18C (WTF?!?) I quickly changed my mind.  Now that it's done, I'm glad I did it (isn't that always the case?).

And now, time to rest up for the kickboxing tonight!  Woohoo!

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