Monday, 30 March 2009

I feel like I have wings

Swim:  1900m @ 1hr

The title of this post is somewhat misleading.  It seems to convey the fact that I was zooming through the water tonight...which I actually was.  While the distance is a bit low overall (lots of drill and kick work in the warmup), there was a hefty dose of speed thanks to the main set.  And I was merrily (and efficiently) cutting through the water tonight - smooth, little splash, good body position.

What the title is meant to convey is that my triceps and lats are feeling rather huge after tonight's main set.  Everyone was given a time calculated from their previous performances in sub-500m intervals this year.  Mine was 1min50.  Now take this time as your interval duration, and swim 100m until you can't make the time anymore.  When this happens, take a 2min break, add 5sec to the interval duration and start over.  Simple, effective.  And apparently just like doing reps in the gym.

My first block I managed to get 4 of the 100m intervals in, blowing the last one by about 2sec.  My second block I forgot to add the 5sec, and I ended up doing another 4 x 100m on 1min50 before needing another 2min rest.  The last set was like hitting "The Zone" - I couldn't NOT make the interval!  I was 1min40 for each 100m then on!  I had completed #5, and was about to start #6 when it was time to cooldown.  I was pumped, the coach was really pleased, and I was even more pumped by that.

My arms were so pumped, in fact, that my cooldown consisted of hanging on the pooldeck for 2min, then using the ladder to get out.  :)

What an amazing endurance set.  That was kick ass!  To be completely honest, I want to do it again - that last block was so efficient and fluid that I didn't want to stop (even though I was sucking air pretty hard).  Just.  A.  Great.  Swim.

And a great way to start the next portion of training.  This begins Week 9 of marathon training, and Week 5 of triathlon training.  Bigger runs, more rides (it almost feels like spring here in Ottawa), and more nutrition practice.  Things are definitely moving up for me this season - I can feel it much more than last year - and I'm starting to get excited about it.

And with only 8 weeks left until the ING Ottawa Marathon, I'm starting to think I should register soon....  :)

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