Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bail, Out, Blast, Next


Yesterday, I just could NOT get myself onto the bike.  I was hurting from the hillwork (so much for easing in) and had a throbbing headache all night long.  But perhaps the strongest aversion to the bike was a severe lack of interest - it just happened to be the least thing I wanted to do.  So I listened to myself and actually just took the night off, and sat on the couch beside my wife all evening.


Today, I forced myself out the door on my lunch break.  I may have skipped that bike ride, but I was bound and determined that I would not throw away a run - especially on a day as beautiful as today.  Sunny, warm, and a slight cool breeze to keep things moderate.  Add in an ex-coworker who was available for the run and I was in!  Sean used to be a UI designer where I work, and now fills contracts in similar roles.  He happened to be working from home today, and opted in for a lunch hour run.  He brought Molly (his dog) and headed out, nearly filling my planned run at 11km (where the plan said 12km).

Now Molly is a well-trained dog, and was a pleasure to run with.  However she's used to being on-leash while Sean is "on-inline-skates" and pulled us along steadily.  I was Zone4 (Z4) pretty much for the full hour I ran.  Now I think Z4 is for shorter intervals, so either I'm pushing it too hard in Z4, or my interval lengths have greatly increased, or I need to recalibrate my zones.  Need some thought on that one, but I suspect its the latter of the three.  :)


Cardio Kickboxing has returned!  There was a break due to March Break, and today we returned with vengeance!  Brian, the instructor, did as well, and setup a 14-station circuit for us.  Twice through, 1min per station, with pretty much no breaks between.  We got a minute between full reps, though.  I managed to quaff my bottle of Perpeteum in about 40min!  There was some tough stuff in there:
  • Pushups with feet on an inverted Bosu ball
  • Squats on an inverted Bosu ball
  • Plank (always tough)
  • Nearly-excessive ab work.
This is such a great class.  I really didn't know how I'd do after today's longer run, but once I warmed up, I was able to push through well.  I even managed to do 10 pushups with my feet on the Bosu - I could never have done that before!

My wife and I kicked it up hard in that class, and we had an absolute blast working out together (as always).  It's a great workout, a great outing, and the people at the class are great to workout with (they actually try).


Now I recover, check bus schedules, and get ready for tomorrow's swim back at Ottawa University.  Sean will be joining Peter and I tomorrow, which I'm excited about.  Sean's not the most comfortable in the water, but he's a kick-ass athlete that's not afraid to push himself to the limit.  I've told him that with a mix-up of drills with the pull buoy and kickboard, we'd have him comfortable with freestyle in no time - and he took me up on it.  So Sean's doing 25m repeats, Peter will be working on drills and base, and I think I'll work on base as well.

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