Saturday, 14 February 2009

What goes around...

Hurray!  My family's back!  After 10 days of sun and fun with family in Houston, my wife and daughter are back safe and sound.

And sick.  My wife's cough would put lifelong smokers or coal miners to shame, and my daughter's nose is running faster than a Kenyan in a marathon (thank god she blows her nose now!).  But they're both very happy to be home where they belong, and I'm very happy to have my home back to normal.

For those of you with family, you know how colds go through the house.  I fear that may be happening here with me being the last holdout.  I haven't been sick for a while now, and I thought I'd be lucky enough to miss it all at the office, but the last few days have me feeling odd and very, very sleepy.  Today, my ears are starting to bother me, and my eyes are achy (for me, it's a sure sign of a cold when I can't wear my contact lenses).

So there may not be any training again today.  That's okay because I've got more important things today.  First off, it is Valentine's Day (not that we really celebrate it, but it does provide a good excuse to be together in our hectic society).  Second, we have a family outing that my daughter has been so excited to see for some time now.  Here's a clip - and no, it's NOT Kiss.
They're the Doodlebops, and my daughter just loves them.  We're off to see them at Centrepoint Theatre today, and then supper afterwards.

I think it will be a great afternoon and evening together, although I expect that we'll have kid's pop music stuck in our heads for a while.  :)  If it's too bad, maybe my wife and I will knock out a set on the bikes tonight after the wee critter's gone to bed.

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trimybest said...

I hope you don't stay sick for long! You don't wanna miss too much time training