Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Spring, where are you?

I'm dying for Spring.  I want the snow and ice gone.  I want to ride my bike(s) outside again.  I want to be able to run hill and sprint intervals without having to deal with ice.  I want to feel energized by my training plan and work towards the races I've so far only planned on doing.

I'm supposed to be in Week 3 of my marathon training - I think it's Week 3...haven't really looked at the plan for about three weeks.  It's not that I'm not training.  But I'm certainly not following the plan either.  It's like I'm waiting for the seasons to change in order to trigger my motivation.

Can you believe it's only another 2.5wks until we switch to Daylight Savings Time?!?

That'll hit me hard - I'm really getting used to seeing the sun up during my morning commute.  In 2.5wks time, the mornings will be dark again.  :(

While the motivation level's low right now, I really only have myself to blame.  Many of my past workouts have been longer and harder in duration.  There has been no build-up, but rather a fear of losing what I gained last season.  I love being able to ride for 3+ hrs.  Or run for 2hrs.  Or swim over 2k in one set.  But for as much as I'm working to keep that level of fitness, I'm sabatoging myself by pulling mental and physical burnout closer to present day.

Case in point:  My last two runs were less than 6km each, and at a much faster pace than usual.  I loved it!  And perhaps even better, I didn't feel wiped out after them.

So while I seem to be pointing the blame at the seasons and their "late" arrival, I need to look in the mirror and be honest with myself and with my training.  Stick to the plan.  It's there for a reason.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to mentally prepare myself for the 20cm of snow we're getting this afternoon.
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Brian said...

Feb and March are always the toughest. You can start to taste spring and then another foot of snow will be dumped on you.....and you scream like a baby.