Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Empty Nest

On Monday, I took my wife and daughter to the airport to visit family down in Houston, TX.  It’s my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday soon, and they’re off to celebrate it with her.  To save money for a summer trip I’m planning to do, and no thanks to “odd” situations at work, I hesitantly decided not to go with them.

Thankfully they made it through Ottawa and Detroit just fine, and arrived on time, safe and sound in Houston.  They’re enjoying the warmer weather and the time with family.

And I miss them terribly.  I felt so guilty as I watched them, all smiles and excitement, go through customs and security without me.  My daughter was so excited, as was my wife.  But I know that they wished I was going too.  And I certainly wish I did go.

I’m a very active and protective husband/father, and I’m certainly feeling out of place being on my own.  I’m missing the discussions and quiet time with my wife, the bath time with my daughter, the family suppers.  I miss my wife on the spin bike next to my bike on the trainer.  Tonight, I’ll miss my wife’s pretty face at kickboxing as her look says “I’ll kick your ass too, buddy!”

You don’t really appreciate all you have until it’s gone.  I’m taking this experience as a gentle reminder of how lucky I am to have two such wonderful girls in my life.

So honey, if/when you read this, just know that I’m always thinking of you two, and I can’t wait until your back.  And I’ll apologize in advance if I tail you like a lost puppy on your return.



Trevor Oseen said...

Now you have no reason to cut long runs short as there is no one to come home to!

trimybest said...

i totally know how you feel! i miss my girls when they go away and they do it a couple times a year leaving me stuck in an empty house when i get home.