Monday, 9 February 2009


I think it's rather obvious that my nutrition and hydration strategy is still a long ways off. My 2hr15 ride on Saturday went well, but has done me in! Sunday was an absolute write-off thanks to feelings of dizziness and headache, and I was horribly unsettled. Today's not that much better either. I'm topping up on the vitamin C, and got a multivitamin too (in case I'm becoming deficient in something else, especially vitamin D with the heavy prevalence of MS in my family).

In terms of hydration, Saturday's ride had me consume 3 bottles of water and 1 bottle of Perpeteum (5 scoops). Unfortunately, I didn't weigh myself before and after to see how badly I was depleted. ☹

For calorie intake, I had the Perpeteum (about 600 calories), and 3 servings of HammerGel (about 300 calories) for a total of roughly 900 calories. According to my HRM, I burned off 1900 calories. Post-workout was a bottle of Recoverite at about 120 calories.

Looking at it that way, I guess I was short close to 900 calories for that day. And I do recall noticing my sweat rate dropping significantly after 1hr45 or so. 

I think next time I'll have to increase the water intake during, and make sure I get more than 120 calories after the ride. And I really, really need to start weighing myself around these longer sets.

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trimybest said...

Wow you drink a lot during your workouts! I hope you get it figured out. Being dehydrated sucks.