Friday, 9 January 2009

Tough Love

Spin:  90min (Spinervals 13.0)

I tried out my new Tough Love spinning DVD last night, and so far I do love it!  I was at first concerned that it would be boring and drawn out - it's a 3hr DVD of intervals - but there's lots of change-ups that keep everything fresh...and it's very challenging.  It's a 9.9/10 on the difficulty scale, but it's so different than Spinervals 19.0 (which is 10/10) - rather than leg-bursting full-on strength training for 1hr, Tough Love is at threshold for 3hrs.

I did roughly half of the video,  which included:
  • 3 x 30sec warmups
  • 3 x 10min intervals, with changes every minute
  • 1 x 30min interval, with changes every minute
  • 5 x 6min intervals, with changes every minute.
The changes are based on either gear/cadence, or seated/standing, and it's entirely an application of muscle confusion for the entire video (this is what makes the new P90X platform successful).  After 90min, my legs felt like rocks through and through, but I also felt like I could have continued.

But the next time, I'm loading up even more.  Coach Troy recommends 6-8 bottles of water and/or sports drink, plus other calories (gels, bars, whatever) for the video.  He also estimates that the entire video will cause you to burn up to 2500 calories, and drip-out 4-5lbs of water weight.  I think I can speak to the latter - I easily consumed 4 bottles of water and sports drink in the 90min I did!  That's another thing that makes this video cool - not only do you build you endurance, but you also get to test out your nutrition for the ride.

For those of you looking for a good, non-boring long ride for the trainer, I strongly recommend this one!

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