Monday, 26 January 2009

One more week!

Just one more week until the Marathon training starts! That means that this should be the week where I start to get used to more than 5-odd hours of training a week. :P

I must admit that there's a bit of nervousness in me about these training plans...well, at least how I'm trying to mesh them together. The 16-week marathon plan merges with the 20-week triathlon plan right around March 2, and I'm hoping that I'm able to manage the workload of the two reasonably well. What may be at risk is early burn-out or an overuse injury if I go too hard. I just need to remember that I'm doing this for fun - no lofty goals are being aimed for other than finishing happy.

It's probably going to be good to have a more structured routine for training again, as it's rather evident that training has been haphazard and inconsistent (although I'm enjoying the freedom of it). To be completely honest, I've probably getting more of a workout from our new Wii than anything else lately - I'm not lying when I tell you that I get sweaty doing the boxing, tennis and baseball!

I'm also not lying when I tell you that I've never, EVER beat my daughter at Wii Boxing. She wins every time by a KO nonetheless! Yup - I get my ass handed to me on a a 4.5yo. :D

This weekend is the Hypothermic Half Marathon. I thought about doing it earlier on, but I certainly haven't got my volume up to that for this race - I'll have to skip that one. The brand new Winterman is coming up for mid-February, but that one's a wait-and-see for the half-marathon. Again, I want to make sure that my volume's where it should be (and make sure it's not -40C either) so I don't go too hard too early.

Last week was just over 5hrs of training (and I'm still feeling the effects of that kickboxing - it's great). Now as the real training plans near, I'll have to get more consistent. Runs seem pretty easy to knock out (thanks to my work location) but I've got to suck it up and be on that bike more. Last night my wife and I paired up and did the entire Tough Love ride (she did the first 90min, I did the last 90min) and I feel it a lot. More rides should help build that up for the future. As for swimming, that'll pick up once the triathlon training starts again (and when this damned bus strike ends).

And I promise (really, I do!) to keep this blog updated more frequently!

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