Friday, 30 January 2009


And it's about bloody time!  After 51 days of bickering and ego jockeying, Ottawa's bus strike is finally over.  And it only happened because the federal government was about to step in and smack them around.  (Aside:  Because Ottawa's bus service crosses the Ontario/Quebec border, it's outside of provincial jurisdictions.)

Here's the kicker:  The deal they agreed to was the one that was presented on the first day of the strike!

Another kicker:  No buses will be on the roads for another week.  They've sat so long that they all need safety checks and maintenance before they'll be allowed on the road.

Another kicker:  Full service (which includes my express bus to the suburb of Kanata) won't be restored for at least two weeks, and may take up to two months, depending on the safety checks and required maintenance.

But at least the end is in sight, and people can start getting back to normal.  This has been mentally tough on me, and while I've been very fortunate to have good and consistent carpools, it's really worn me down.  It will be nice to have some freedom back, rather than being restricted by the hours of the carpool.

Now I think the city needs to aim for making this an essential service.  So many jobs and so much business was lost through all this, and the stories of hardship are amazing.  Here's a few that really shook me:
These are just a few of the hardships that people have had to bear.  All for better driver schedules and better a time where jobs are being cut in all sectors all across North America.  What the hell were they thinking?!?

But I must admit that I'm happy it's over.  I won't miss the extra commute time, the $13/day for parking, the restricted hours, and the loss of freedom.  And even though I won't get my bus service back for a couple of weeks yet, I'm glad it's over.

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Kim said...

Wow, glad it's over for you. I remember the years when I worked and went to school in downtown Cleveland, and used both the RTA train and bus..and it sucked.

Of course, now that I live 25 miles from my job, it's too far (just a bit!!) to run to work and the rural roads a bit too narrow to try to bike it!