Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's been a while...

Run:  8.5km @ 48min

It's been a while indeed, and in so many ways.

[1]  I haven't posted on this blog for nearly a week.  I'm sure that whatever followers/lurkers I had before have forgotten all about me now.  :D

[2]  Today's run was the first one in 2.5 wks!!!  Quite frankly, I didn't miss it.  The Christmas-to-New-Years break was very enjoyable, and full of family and friends - moments too valuable to miss for a run.

[3]  I haven't swam in about a month, and tomorrow's masters swim isn't looking promising.  I'll be working a late shift (see #4 below) starting around noon-ish, and I don't expect that I'll be up for a swim after all that.

[4]  Ottawa's transit strike is still on.  I think it's been a month now.  Thankfully my neighbor works downtown near me, and we've been carpooling in.  Unfortunately, he leaves at 6am to miss the traffic.  And he's not going in tomorrow.  :(

[5]  I purchased an IrDA-to-USB adapter a while back so I could use the Polar Performance software that came with my S625X.  I think it's a neat tool to examine how my HR relates to pace, fatigue and such, so I'll keep using it.  I would like the bike speed sensor for it, so I could do something similar during rides as well.  The only questionable behavior is with it's altimeter, which seems to drift.  In the chart below from today's run, it looks like my loop ends about 20m below my starting point.
[6]  A year is a long time.  I decided to start 2009 by examining my efforts from last year.  Here's my "proof" of the work from my training in 2008 (swimming, biking, running and weights), which I'm rather proud of.
[7]  Normally I'm up at 6am to get ready for work.  With the bus strike, it's been 5am.  But over the last 10 days or so, my daughter's been sleepy enough to let me sleep until 8.30am (blessed child!).  Time to get re-adjusted to the early hours again.... I'm off to bed!  G'night all!

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