Monday, 19 January 2009

Is that what one feels like?

Spin:  1h45min (Spinervals 13.0)

Yesterday I finally got on the bike (first time in the week!) and decided to work the base with Tough Love again.  I started earlier in the morning (9-ish) by getting my daughter ready with a few things to occupy herself until my wife woke up.  Not much was taken out, as I thought I'd just be an hour.

"You're not supposed to do this without me!" was the statement from my wife a few minutes later.  She got some breakfast into her and joined me, taking moments here and there to switch the movie and such for the wee one.

(Aside - my daughter's such a good kid!  I always feel bad asking her to play or whatever while I train, but thankfully she gets along wonderfully.  I think as long as she gets some quality play time with me afterwards, I think we're all good!)

I ended up getting 1h45min on that video, and I realized something that my wife points out to me each time - I need more liquids, and some gels.  And this time, she was really right (again).

I didn't feel 100% at the start of the session, but only having two bottles of Gatorade just wasn't enough.  My HR slowly climbed up through the duration of the workout, and I could feel the lactic acid pool up throughout as well.  I found it increasingly difficult to focus on any part of the task at hand, and when the headache started to ease in, I knew that I was getting close to being on fumes.  I backed out at 1h35 and took 10min as a cooldown.

I've never bonked before, and I know I didn't during this last session, but I think the symptoms were quite evident that I was starting down that path.  It was very interesting to experience that, and I can certainly see how my past races were affected by poor hydration and poor nutrition.  I've got my work cut-out for me to nail this down (or at the very least, get better at it).

It was a great workout - it always is when I get to ride along with my wife beside me - and a great way to end the week.  

I think I need to get one more ride in during the week in these Prep weeks, though, just to get used to the up-and-coming heavier weeks that aren't far off now.  That might be easier when (a) it's Springtime, and (b) when this damned bus strike is over.


Setanta said...

You've never bonked? (or knocked as the call it over here). Anyway you cant take a proper knock in your own front room. A proper bonk is 30 miles from nowhere with no food, no drink and the light closing in.
Its when your legs feel empty, like an empty belly, you cant focus, you're head is dizzy and even the slightest incline feels like an Alp. You start to dream of a Mars bar! I have been rescued on one occasion by a banana from a passing stranger. I have also got off the bike and wept on one occasion.

They tell me it builds character!

cdnhollywood said...

Glad to hear from you again Setanta! Haven't seen any of you blog updates for some time (hint hint).

You're right - I've never bonked. I think deep down I'm too scared to. Even my wife tells me that she wishes someone would push me to the point of puking 'cause then I'd really know what my limit is.

As for being saved by a stranger's banana, that's great. But just remember that may not be a conversation for all situations. :D