Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I'm feeling so pumped!

Swim:  ~1000m @ 30min (Montpetit Hall)

Two cool new things on the training front that have got me rather excited about racing this year.

First, a new training DVD.  A while back, I got an email from the Coach Troy mailing list and in it was a discussion on Spinervals 13.0 Tough Love - and at that point I knew I had to get it!  It's 3hrs of interval work that's designed specifically for century and Ironman bike training.  The problem was being able to find it.  I lucked out and came across Running Free, a small chain of multisport stores in southern Ontario (all near Toronto).  This is good for me because I get to pay in Canadian dollars, I don't pay cross-border fees, and shipping is cheap and fast.  And now that I've got it in my hands, I can't wait to give it a try!

Second, a new pool!  No, I didn't buy one.  :(  But I did find a great one!  It's olympic-sized (50m, with 6 full lanes), it's three blocks from my office, it's cheap, and it's not busy!  The University of Ottawa campus is just across the Rideau Canal from my office, and at Montpetit Hall they have a nice big pool with three lane swim sessions daily - for $4.50 (taxes included).  Today, they had the pool cut in two (2 x 25m lengths), and each lanes was doubled up (making a total of 24 lanes available).  There was tonnes of room, and it wasn't at all busy (although the lifeguards seemed to think so).  Monthly memberships are a mere $35.  And when this bus strike finally ends (yes, it's still on), I'm a short 1-min walk from the stop to the pool.

These two new things have me more excited about the up-and-coming season.  So far, things are shaping up well, and all those excuses I dished out last year will be much harder to come up with in 2009!

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