Sunday, 11 January 2009

I should pay attention to that plan more closely

"...can't believe it's nearly the middle of January already!  Gee, I should check my training plan - I'm probably supposed to be starting now, and I don't even know it!"
Yeah, that was me last night on the drive back from our family shopping trip to Watertown, NY.  (Don't worry - I didn't buy anything...except beef jerky!)  I've got a laundry-list of races and events I want to participate in again, and you'd think that I would be more on top of the training plan.  Apparently not.

So today, with the little one playing Doodlebops on the computer, I thought I'd check out my training plan and where I'm supposed to be within it.  Updated for the start of next week, here it is.

It turns out that, according to my plan from The Triathlete's Training Bible I will be entering the Base 1 phase.  The goal of this phase is to "establish speed, force and endurance" which Joe Friel identifies as the pillars of triathlon training.

What's really funny is that in the self-assessment portion of this book, I identified all three as my performance limiters!  Ha!  :D

I've got three Base 1 weeks before I enter the next stage of my plan (which has become a real hybrid of a plan) - the start of marathon training.  And four weeks after that is the next stage - the integration of half-iron triathlon training.  I'm still unsure of just how this will workout - should be fun!

I think my goals for the Base 1 phase will be simple:
  • One long run (>10km) and one long ride (>2hrs) each week.
  • Shorter rides and runs will be of higher intensity intervals to build some strength and speed.
  • Swims are relatively unimportant now, but I need to hit at least one of these each week.
  • Aim for 1-2 strength workouts each week.
While these goals are simple, I really need to focus to hit them.  The bus strike in Ottawa is still going on - it's now the longest one in the city's history (and there's no real end in sight) - and it's really causing my routine to get pushed off.

Perhaps all I need to do is look at these people for inspiration:
  • Angela Naeth, having just completed her rookie pro year, is now part of Team TBB.  Yeah, Chrissie Wellington came from there too.  I think that's the whole idea.  :P
  • Trevor Oseen and his wife, who just did Goofy's Race and a Half @ Disney.  That's a half-marathon on Saturday, a bit of sleep, and a full marathon on Sunday.  Yes, the same weekend.
  • UltraNewby who continues to amaze me with signing up for races that I'd only do in a mid-to-full-sized sedan.
C'mon Spring!!!

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