Thursday, 22 January 2009


Kickboxing – 1hr

Last night was something new in my arsenal of training – Cardio Kickboxing.  My loving wife signed us up for something that was (a) new to both of us, and (b) something we could do together.  For the next 8wks, we’ll be doing this for one hour, and our daughter will be with her favorite babysitter while we’re hitting the air.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect.  But I really did like it.  And even more I like that I got to do something with my wife for a change.  My cardio held up very well through the entire hour, and I pushed the workout as hard as I could while maintaining my form.  And afterwards, I felt great.

Today I’m feeling rather sore in spots.  The hamstrings are really achy, as are the shoulders and back.  So far, that kickboxing stuff is working very well.  And I like that it’s different, and it focuses on strength/speed work which is something I just don’t get enough of.  My core should get tighter with this new activity in place.

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Kim said...

That sounds like fun. I'd like to try that some day.
BTW, I don't comment very often, but I do read your blog, and wanted to say hang in there! Winter will end someday. (Can't say that about the strike!!)