Monday, 1 December 2008

A turning point?

Could it be?  Could the plagues be breaking in my house?  My wife actually slept a full 8hrs last night without coughing up a lung.  Is my daughter's affliction starting to back off?  Is my energy and enthusiasm returning?  Oh, I do hope so.

We had a great night tonight, thanks in part to everyone feeling a bit better (including me).  A quick supper, a trip to Home Depot, and a treat at DQ (yeah, I've gotta back off on them).  Lots of laughs, lots of good talking.  Really, a great time - one of those "great to be a husband/dad" nights.

Perhaps even better - no swimming.  :D  Sorry, but it was supposed to be entirely butterfly too, so I'm certainly not heartbroken.  But truthfully, I've been working to get rested up again so I don't get sick.  How tired?  Well, I did sort of fall asleep on the bus this morning...and this afternoon...again.

And with the family on the mend (hopefully) I attempt to slowly restore my training plan as well.  While planning this week's Prep-phase plan, I realized that "Oh crap - two weeks to the Base phase!"  No worries - I think the hardest part is still trying to merge the marathon and half-iron plans together.  :D

With that, here's the thoughts for Week 7.
This week's challenges will be tough.  Work, as always, but stronger - as we're due to release new software in 2wks...and we're 3wks behind.  Another unknown is the health of my family - hopefully it continues to improve.  And, possibly, the weather - since Ottawa is still floating around the freezing mark with snow, rain and sleet.  Yup, we've been getting it all lately.

I think to counter these challenges, I'll have to focus on keeping the workouts a bit shorter and at a slightly higher intensity.  Time will be key this week, and probably will be through into the new year.

And with that - here we go.  Early to bed tonight to get rested up for the rest of the week.  Hey, if Mr. Oseen can pull a 20mi run with a 102F fever, I can give this plan a shot.

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