Friday, 12 December 2008

Plan adjustment?

According to the plan I cranked out a while back based on The Triathlete's Training Bible, next week is supposed to be the start of the Base phase for me in heading towards my first attempt at a marathon.

But where I'm stumbling is that this plan is based on the needs of a triathlon, and may not match the needs of a marathon.  I thought about following a 20wk half-iron plan and switching the run training to that for a full iron, but I still don't think that's right.  I'd rather do a 20wk half-iron training plan for a half-iron that's 20wks away, and figure out the run stuff in parallel.

So I've got a bit of work cut out for me.  I managed to find a 16wk marathon plan on the Runner's World site that interests me.  And if I remember correctly, when the marathon is 16wks away, the first half-iron is 20wks away.  If that's the case, I think I could simply (?) replace the run training in the tri plan with the marathon plan.  I'll have to see how that works out.

Anyone out there have any thoughts or recommendations?

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Cliff said...

I might be reading this wrong but are you considering to do a half Iron four weeks after a marathon?

For my own experience, it takes me about about month to recover from a marathon. A month before i feel my old self and can train again.

I know you have a busy schedule (work, life, family etc.) and not sure how much time commitment you have.

When I was training for my half ironman, in '06, I was already riding 120 km (4-5 hours) for my long ride.

Those help build my aerobic base up for the full Ironman the year after.

When i was training for a marathon this year, I did not have time to do anything else (drop the swim and the bike).

To be in decent shape of a marathon, I need at least to do a few 30 km long runs in (though this year i only did one).

If I train for a marathon, I have to scale back on the swim and bike (by a lot).

Btw, u do not need to run a full marathon to get ready for Ironman :o)