Monday, 8 December 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

Run:  7.5km @ 45min (Rideau Canal)

...WINTER!!!  It's bloody cold out there today!  Just a day or two ago, we were flirting with the freezing mark.  But this morning when I woke up it was a "balmy" -21C.  Factor in the wind and it had a "feels like" temperature of -29C.  It managed to "warm up" for my lunchtime run...all the way up to -19C.

I.  Want.  Spring.  :D

But it wasn't all that bad, really.  My legs ended up being a bit cold, but the rest of me was slightly overdressed.  What was really nice was the pathway conditions - very little ice, and they had been plowed recently so it wasn't like running in 6" of sand.  And I wasn't the only runner out there today.  In fact, I saw most of "the regulars" I usually see (we do get harder to recognize thanks to the wealth of winter gear one wears).

The run did feel quite a bit harder though.  I don't know if that's because of the cold, the footing, or that I've been idle for the last 4 days.  My HR was higher, and the perceived effort was certainly up there too.  But it was fun, and it felt really good, so I'm not at all concerned.

What I am concerned with is the forecast for the next few days.  If they're right, there will be no running for a few days after this.  Snow, rain, then more snow, then freeze it all - ?!?  Better get that bike ready....

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