Monday, 8 December 2008


Swim:  1950m @ 1hr
- 500m timed set @ 9min10

Unfortunately, this post's title does not refer to the current temperature (not even close).  But it does identify that I dropped 10sec on my 500m timed set!  I really, really didn't think I'd beat the last timed set, especially after the 1000m "warm up" which included a 200m IM (what the heck is that coach thinking?!?).

It was actually very close tonight in my lane.  I was third:  9min07, 9min08, and then me at 9min10.  The other two are solid swimmers and solid Ironman finishers, so I'm pretty pumped that I could keep up like that.

Hopefully I'm not so pumped up that I can't sleep tonight.  That alarm just seems to get earlier and earlier....

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