Sunday, 16 November 2008

Week 4 Summary - Not bad!

Bike:  65min @ Zone2/Zone3

Today I decided that I'd make up for a missed workout and spin today.  I didn't want anything structured, so rather than do one of the Spinervals DVDs I thought I'd watch the training DVD that came with my bike trainer -- realRides Race Day.

One thing that's cool about this DVD straight off is that you pick the list of things you want to do and it plays them in that order.  Even cooler is that if you pick something more than once, it'll play it more than once (I didn't use that feature today).  I picked the warmup, course overview, and the race.

And yes, it is a race!  It's a ride-along camera angle during a 40km criterium race - with commentary by the racer.  Now I've never seen a criterium let alone participate in one, but I gotta say that those guys move!  It was quite interesting and exciting to watch this race unfold while getting all the updates and strategy tips from the racer with the camera.  I had to check myself a lot to ensure that I wasn't working too hard while watching this.  At the same time, the total time of the workout went by very fast too.

And with that the week ends.  I'm happy with my accomplishments this week, even if I didn't make all the goals that I set out last week.  I did get a lot of riding in this week, and I got some weights in as well - the first time in months!  I'm certainly tired from the bike, and I'm sore in places that aren't normally sore - so I must be doing something right!

And that just leaves the plan for Week 5, which is (obviously) still in the prep phase.  I think that I'll keep Week 5 close to what I did last week but insert more runs. 

I'm hoping that this week continues to be a flexible as the one that just went by, because I think that added to my success in bumping up my weekly workout count. Here's to hoping!

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