Monday, 10 November 2008

Week 4 - Rebirth?

Swim:  60min

First off, today's swim was a lot of diving starts, 25m sprints, and flip turns.  I don't know what kind of distance we did tonight, but I'm sure that we managed to drop the water level in the pool by collecting it in our sinus cavities.  I think I need to practice that stuff more...although there aren't a lot of dives and flip turns in the races I do.

Today's the first day of Week 4.  You may be wondering what happened to Week 3.  Yeah, it did happen, with the initial thought of duplicating the Week 2 plan.  Unfortunately, a lot of work, home and family things snuck in - as did one or two colds in the family - so plans were effectively diverted.  But I have to give myself some credit here in that even with all the ups and downs, I still got some good quality workouts in.  Like Chuckie V keeps iterating - it's quality over quantity - and he gets at that in this post about Angela Naeth's training.

By the way, BIG congrats to Angela Naeth (Canadian, of course) who debuted in 7th place at the Ironman 70.3 Worlds this year.  That is awesome!  Just a few more years and I'm sure we'll see her and Chuckie on the podium in Kona!

Week 4 has a few changes in it which should make it fun and refreshing.

With my wife and her friend heading out of town for a few days, I get to be the sole parent and get involved in things I normally miss out on.  I'll be carting the wee one to and from school, to her skating lessons, and just being around during the day while I work from home (one of the cool perks of my job).  As such, I'll be training on the bike for most of the week.  And I have no excuses for skipping on the weights again (although I'm sure I'll come up with something).

The last two weeks have suffered from two things:  inconsistent training loads, and a lack of weights.  This week I'm looking to address that by not doubling-up the workouts in a day - I want the swim/bike/run stuff only 1-a-day this week.  No need for race simulation yet.  And as for the weights, I just need to get off my lazy ass and move them.

Tonight was the swim, so Monday's good.  Tomorrow I'm looking towards a 7-10km Zone2 run.  Wednesday will be bike strength  via Spinervals 19.0.  Thursday's a recovery spin with weights/core.  Friday's a easier tempo spin with 1-leg drills.  Saturday's a simple recovery/endurance spin (perhaps Spinervals 18.0) and more weights/core.

You'll note that I've added goals for the week.  I'm going to start doing this so that I can aim myself in the right direction, rather than aimlessly picking workouts when the time comes.  I think this will help me stay focused on the work, rather than staying focused on the larger plan.  I expect that this will help me to be more successful in getting the work done, and doing it in a smart way too.

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Trevor Oseen said...

Hey! I just noticed on your 2009 schedule that you were doing IM Canada in August. You probably told me but I was not paying attention. We will definitely have to meet up and swap some stories and some grub.

Good times to be had,