Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Let it snow...and rain...and sleet...

Yeah, I know I'm behind in my reporting and planning for this week, but trust me when I say that I'm still here and it's still going on.  With a swim and a run as per last week's plan (which is also this week's plan), I'm 2 for 2 so far.

With both my wife and daughter still sick, motivation's been quite low lately.  But Monday I did make it out for the weekly swim with the masters group.  It was a much different set, with lots of IM tossed in as a "pre-exhaustion set" before the main set (which built on the exhaustion very well).  I got through it with time to spare, and was proud that I did the workouts fully as prescribed.

Ever since late Monday, Ottawa's been stuck in a band of temperate weather right at the freezing point.  That's great, but we've been getting precipitation the entire time.  I use the word "precipitation" only because it seems to change each time you look out the window.  Snow, rain, sleet - we're getting it all.  Drains are clogged from the slush, producing puddles/lakes that can consume large vehicles.  Sidewalks and roads are a "try-your-luck" combination of snow, slush and ice, and it all sticks to the bottom of your shoes.  Walking around has been a cautious activity lately.

So why not go for a run?  Knowing that the pathways behind the Parliament Buildings and the Museum of Civilization will be un-runnable soon (I really don't know why they don't maintain them better) Peter and I headed out in the 5cm of slushy, sticky snow for a 7.5km loop.  Our pace dropped considerably because of the terrain - about 30sec/km decrease - and it felt like we were running in soft sand the entire time.  I'm actually sore and achey in spots!  But it was a great, enjoyable run that made me remember why I like winter running.

Then, after supper, I got another workout - shoveling.  That first snowfall feels like a killer, and with so much water in the snow, I thought the task would never end.  I'm sure each shovel-full was 40lbs!  But thankfully, my little 4yo helper was right out there with her shovel helping me out!  Well, until there was a good-sized pile of snow to play on.  :D

Then when the shoveling was done, another workout - running with daughter in tow.  
"Daddy, where's my sled?"
"In the shed."
"I want to go for a sled ride."
(5 seconds into sled ride)
"Yes, dear?"
Now I've seen track stars running with parachutes strapped on for extra drag.  But I would like to see them run through slippery slush with heavy winter boots while dragging a 35lb kid in a sled.  Just sayin'.  :D  But we did have a blast, and I even got to "go 4x4-ing" with my daughter in the sled (I only tipped her once) and she laughed the whole time.  But, needless to say, this daddy's legs were done by the end of the night!

It does feel much more wintery and almost Christmas-y here now.  I guess that means I should finish getting the Christmas lights on the house then.  But playing in the snow is just so much fun....  :D

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Closet Artist said...

I think she needs to start wearing her skating helmet when you two go "extreme sledding"! LOL