Monday, 3 November 2008


Run:  7.7km @ 48min (Rideau Canal)
Swim:  2050m @ 60min

First off, I've gotta say this:  I actually ran in Zone1/2 for a full run!  I honestly don't remember ever running at that low of an intensity.  For the Prep and Base phases, I think I need to do more of this.

But today's highlight was a phone call that I got at my office at about 3:30pm from the Fraud Protection department of my bank.  Once again, one of my cards was either subject to fraud, or was in a position where it could be.  My credit card has been hit by this twice now (the first time was when I was getting my mortgage pre-approval!), but this time it was my debit card!  That scared me - someone had access to my bank accounts?!?

Thankfully, everything was in order.  I hadn't lost any money - they can identified the situation in time and cancelled my card.  Conveniently, a branch of my bank is in the ground floor of my office building, so I could get new cards and such right away.  I got there at about 3:35pm, and I was about the 70th person they served in this way.  And there was 5-10 people waiting after me for the same thing.

Needless to say, I've got a new PIN.  Now I just need to remember it.  :P

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