Friday, 14 November 2008

Behind on Week 4, but still okay!

Spin: 45min (Spinervals Fitness 1.0)
Weights: 45min (adaptive phase)

I've fallen behind a bit this week.  Yesterday I just couldn't get myself onto the bike after Wednesday's bike strength session.  I think I just need to recognize that even after that hard set, I'd still be okay with a simple easy spin (like tonight's) or an easy Zone1 run.  But I'm not really concerned with missing it - worst case is that I don't make it up (which comes recommended by both of my books).

Tonight, after getting my very tired daughter to bed early, I got on and did my spin.  Even before that, as wee was having her snack, I had gotten everything ready - bike on trainer, DVD in player, shoes and clothes at the ready, weights set out.  After putting that much work into getting ready, I wasn't about to skip the session!

I planned for a solid Zone1/Zone2 spin tonight, and traded the rest periods in the video for 1-leg spins @ big ring/15 (using Coach Troy's notation) for roughly one minute per leg.  I have to admit that the 1-leg drills on the bike/trainer is totally different than on the spin bike where the flywheel keeps pulling you around.  I find that my legs "cheat" at the top of the pedal stroke - need to work on that!  The rest of the spin felt solid, but still a bit heavy from Wednesday.

When that was done, I quickly wiped down the bike and mat and got to the weights before the sleepies got to me.  Following the plan from The Triathlete's Training Bible, I managed to do the adaptive set (3 sets each of 20-30 reps) of the following, all free weights:
I made sure that the exertion level wasn't killer - this phase is just to get these muscles doing this type of work again.  The intensity and weight will increase in later phases, so no rushing it now.

Overall I'm feeling really good right now, but a bit tight even after some simple stretching.  Perhaps it's the dried sweat that's clinging everything together.  I best deal with that before going to bed.  :D

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