Wednesday, 5 November 2008

An absolutely gorgeous day

Run:  10.4km @ 59min

I wimped out on my planned bike set last night, but with the weather that is blessing us today, there's was no reason to stay in my office.  Barely a breeze, lots of sun, and a wonderful 17degC!

Yep - that's about 20degC warmer than this time last week when we got 15cm of snow.  And with that still fresh in people's minds they were all out in full force on the pathways.  I think the only people not out over the lunch period were the people that were serving all of the people out for their lunch break.  :)

I had planned on another Z1/Z2 run, but with the weather the way it was, I just ran based on how I felt at the time.  Overall, I felt faster in terms of speed and cadence, but my calf muscles were T-I-G-H-T (and they still are).  I think the new bike trainer is making me work harder than I'd like to - I find that I feel those workouts in the runs following.

My lower back has been very tight lately too, especially when I wake up in the morning.  I could really feel it at the beginning and end of my run today.  I had to focus just a bit harder on my form to keep from getting sloppy.

In any case, it was such a lovely day that I had to do more than just the one loop that crosses the Ottawa River.  So when that loop ended, I just continued along the Rideau Canal (just south of the National Arts Center) and continued on for a short 4km loop as a "fast cooldown."  

Unfortunately, I don't think there's very many days like this left in Ottawa this year.  But I'll be keeping my fingers crossed....

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