Sunday, 12 October 2008

Okay, enough with the motivational speeches

Bike:  33.75km @ 1hr02 (Fernbank Road)

Let's see, the Ironman World Championships, Peter ran his marathon, and I was sitting doing not much.  Yeah, enough of the preaching - time to get busy again!

The weather in Ottawa's been absolutely fantastic!  Barely a wind, sunshine, comfortable temperatures, and if that wasn't enough, the leaves are changing into a myriad of beautiful colors.  I just had to get out today, and I did it in style riding on my Felt S22.  I was a lot of fun, being reminded of how much this bike feels from my now-turned-commuter Ridley.  Faster, more responsive, and a bit more achey (need to fine-tune the fit still).

I headed west out of town on my favorite little road - Fernbank Road - a simple little two-lane highway surrounded by farms, trees and the occasional bit of wetlands.  The road is rather smooth and wide enough that the lack of paved shoulders isn't really a concern.  In addition, I find that the drivers along this stretch of road are very generous and considerate to cyclists (actually, pretty much all of Ottawa is like that).  It felt a bit tight at the start as I went through Stittsville, but that's simply because of the aggressive stance on the S22.  I got looser and more comfortable as I settled in on the ride.

I felt nice and strong, holding my HR at 85% the whole way.  My shifting was tactical, and I managed the hills and rollers with relative ease.  And I felt nice and swift on the flats - a great feeling in the fall air.

I had a fun moment as I was passed by an earth-killer of a truck flying way over the speed limit as I entered a tree-covered section of the road.  At first I was a bit pissed - at that speed I'd appreciate more that a couple of feet between my bars and the truck.  But this idiot (yeah, I'll still call him that) caused something that was surreal.  The size and speed of the truck whipped up hundreds of leaves into the air, and they just swirled everywhere.  I had the pleasure of flying through a vortex of fall colors for about 20sec or so - very cool!

So a great ride, and a great day all around.  Fun with my daughter, relaxing time with my wife, and dinner and drinks with friends (capped with kid playtime at our house).  Yep, that's the life!

And to think we have one more day away from work!  Woohoo!

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Cliff said...

Did you took that shot in Ottawa? Woah, that's really nice.

This weekend is great for riding :)...I did a stroll yesterday and probably do the same today.