Monday, 20 October 2008

Golf, anyone?

Swim:  200m @ 1hr

Today's swim was the first in two weeks (thanks to Thanksgiving last week) and I could tell it had been a while.  It took a long time for things to settle in.  Thankfully (?!?) our warmup was 1000m, so I had a lot of time to play with.

Tonight's workout was fun, a bit on the relaxed side, but still challenging:
>> 1000m choice stroke, with every 4th 50m done as a drill
Main set:
>> 100m distance-per-stroke (DPS, getting the longest glide per stroke)
>> 6 x 50m "Golf"
>> 100m DPS
>> 200m free pull
>> 200m free kick
>> 200m free drills
>> 200m free swim (I didn't make it this far)

This was the first time I'd done Golf in the pool.  The concept is rather simple - swim a particular distance, and count your strokes.  Then add the total stroke count to the number of seconds it took to swim the distance.  Then try to lower that number each time.

For us, it was 50m.  What blew me away were two things:
  • I was always finishing second (!!!) and only by one or two seconds (whoa!)
  • I scored the lowest of everyone there!
Here's my tally:
  1. 80 (26 strokes, 54 seconds)
  2. 74 (24 strokes, 50 seconds)
  3. 70 (23 strokes, 47 seconds)
  4. 71 (25 strokes, 46 seconds)
  5. 73 (24 strokes, 49 seconds)
  6. 74 (26 strokes, 48 seconds)
I'm really shocked that my measure in this regard was the lowest in the evening session - we've got some strong swimmers.  It's crazy how my swimming has really spun around this year.  Super happy!  And add to that my recently purchased Total Immersion DVD (which I highly recommend - I have it on my iPod so I can watch it every Monday on the bus) my freestyle is just getting stronger and more efficient.

And I really do like how we're taking measurements this early in the season.  I need more benchmarking like this in all disciplines - I find it rewarding and motivating at the same time.  I'll need to borrow someone soon and get testing my run and bike performances (as per The Triathlete's Training Bible...which I'm still not finished).

As for tomorrow, I was thinking about biking in to work, but with the wee one sick with a cold again (poor kid), it's probably not the best thing for me to do.  I'm just hoping she has a better sleep tonight than she did last night.

Well, that and it's raining, and it might freeze by morning.  :(  Yep, winter's a-comin'!

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