Friday, 5 September 2008

Plans and planning

My mind's been very busy lately trying to get the rest of the year straight...well, with respect to training that is.

I feel like I'm fully recovered from last weekend's race, and I did my first "back at it" run yesterday with Peter.  Felt fine, and would have liked to go longer, but decided to stick with Peter's scheduled training (and make sure he stuck to it as well).

So what have I been pondering?

The biggest thing is post-season training.  I had a great time doing the half-iron tris this year, and I most definitely want to do more of them.  But when I look at what I've done and really consider what I should be possible of doing, I want to nail down my training goals for the fall and winter.  I truly believe that I'm capable of a sub-6hr half-iron tri, and that I am capable of a sub-2hr 21km run at the end of the half-iron.  I also believe that I should be able to "easily" achieve a sub-3hr 90km bike in the half-iron.  So the question becomes "How do I get there?"  Can't answer that yet, but here's some things that I think about:
  • Riding on the new bike is significantly different than on my 'cross bike or the spin bike.  I should consider a trainer for the winter months.
  • My swim has become my strongest bit in the half-iron.  Time to refocus on bike and run.
  • More bricks to build more stamina - but do I do them in the post-season?
  • Should I focus more on strength/stamina, or aerobic capacity, or 50/50 on each?
I've been inspired by posts from Chuckie V (as usual) and Tim L about their ideologies on training, and they give me more than enough food for thought.  My mind is busy digesting all of that, as well as what I'm reading in The Triathlete's Training Bible which I've heard so much about.  Some great resources to pull from, but as all these guys say - it's all personal.

The other thing that's pulling at my neurons is the Fall Colors weekend here in Ottawa.  Peter's prodding me to try a full marathon (after I prodded him to try a sprint tri this year), and then there's the knowledge that there's also a long du then too.  I'd love to do both, but to be honest, I don't know if I'm up for the heavy training to prep for the October race - not physically, but mentally.  I think I'm losing my mental "freshness" this late in my season, even with the new bike hanging in the garage.

All I do know is that I will be training diligently this winter.  I'm really aiming for a sub-6hr half-iron - I think that should be quite attainable for me.  The fall, well, that's still up in the air.

If there's anyone out there with tips or recommendations, comments or criticisms, I'm open to hearing them.  Until then, I'll be digesting.

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Cliff said...

You had two half Ironman this year. That's quite an accomplishment.

I don't know about you but when I finish Canadian Half I just wanna stay lazy.

I would say spend one or two weeks to stay lazy. Hang out with family. Do something non-training. If you feel like go for a bike ride..go..but don't think u need to get back on the training wagon. Ride w/o HR, pace or intensity...ride hard if u feel like.and ride easy if u feel like.

You have a plenty of time to train for next year. During the off season..i would go for more hiking..that's what i would go this winter around..and it will be fun.and it will good to build a strong base for next year around.

This and past off season, i spent a lot of time on low HR...building the base slowly :)