Monday, 22 September 2008

Go Sens Go!

My wife was able to get some tickets for the first pre-season game of the Ottawa Senators for Saturday night.  Even though my daughter didn't get a nap, we decided to head out anyways.

It was my daughter's first ever hockey game of any kind.  And, for some reason, she's a big Sens fan.  She couldn't wait to get to Scotiabank Place, and the whole pre-game stuff and supper at the arena (which may have cut into her college fund to finance) was nearly the icing on the cake.

Then the pre-game warmup started, and the clapped and cheered the whole time.  I kept reminding her that she had to save her voice for the rest of the game!

When the game started, she just watched the players, not really knowing to follow the puck.  She was standing and cheering and enjoying the whole thing.  Then Ottawa scored the first goal, and the crowd roared...and my daughter jumped out of her skin.  She almost immediately restored herself and started cheering and clapping loudly with the rest of us.

But the rest of the first period was spent with hands over the ears -  she just didn't know when that would happen again.  But she still enjoyed the game and ate her popcorn all the same.  She even got to meet Spartacat, which made up for the noise level.

We made it to the start of the second period, where the affects of a napless afternoon were starting to creep in.  We headed out to a calm, quiet parking lot and while I was missing the game, I was very happy that we got to miss the chaos of the parking lot exodus post-game.

The good thing is that she wants to go back and see another game!  That's all you can ask for.  Go Sens go!

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