Thursday, 18 September 2008

A-commutin' I will go!

Bike:  29.3km @ 59min46 (A-headin' to work!)
Return Trip:  29.3km @ 58min10

Today's a very interesting day for me.  My wife had an early appointment downtown today, so I decided to take my daughter to school in the bike trailer.  My wife would return later, we'd get the wee one from school and then I'd get to my office in the afternoon.

Then I thought "I'm already on the bike.  Why not just keep going?"  I knew that this wouldn't be an easy sell, as my wife gets very nervous when I'm riding by myself, especially in traffic.  But surprisingly, she agreed "...but you have to call me as soon as you get there!"

Woohoo!  I was really excited about this!  Now I had to get everything ready, and then remember how to dress for the cooler temperatures (we're getting close to freezing in the mornings!).  That reminds me, I need to get a new vest....

Rather than switch bikes in morning (the MTB usually pulls the bike trailer) I put the bracket on my Ridley Crossbow (mine's older and yellow/black) and got everything else ready.  My daughter was a bit concerned as I'm faster on the Ridley than on my MTB, but I assured her it would all be fine.  (She later told me that "...this is fuu--unn!!!")

So I got two short 15min rides to and from her school, then droped the trailer off, loaded up the backpack and headed out to downtown.  The later departure (9.15am) allowed for quieter streets (but still busy), but this route is almost entirely with a paved shoulder.  Riding along Hunt Club is easy, but you need to pay attention for road debris so that segment tends to go fast.  Heading north on Prince of Wales was refreshing, as it's parallel to the Rideau River and there's lots of tree-lined streets with amazing shoreline homes.  Eventually you get to central Ottawa and ride through the Experimental Farm and slip onto the Queen Elizabeth Parkway which runs along the Rideau Canal.

Honestly, I really really enjoyed this ride today.  Even with the stiff north wind, it was grand.  And in a way, I kind of missed riding my Ridley.  Just don't tell my new bike that - it'll get jealous.  :)

So now I get my 7.5hrs in and then I get to do it all again.

What a great day!  I got to see my wife in the morning, I got to take my daughter to school, and I get two bike rides in today.  Life is grand.


Cliff said...

That's great..especially with the gas prices we are seeing...

I am glad u didn't ride w/ ur tri bike :P

Closet Artist said...

Ok I guess you proved you are a big enough boy to ride your bike without your mummy tailing you in the car!! :D So feel free to do it again just call me as soon as you get there!!!!