Monday, 18 August 2008

Potpourri (haven't done one for a while)

Swim: 2100m @ ~1hr10
Run: 7.5km @ 43min (Ottawa River / Parliament)

Things you forget when you're on vacation:
  1. Eat and hydrate properly before your lunchtime run.
  2. Really, REALLY do #1 after a morning swim and yesterday's tempo bike.
  3. Heat and humidity raises your HR by about 10% when you're not used to it.
  4. Adding on an extra 5 or 10lbs makes your following runs a LOT harder.
Things you learn when you get a new bike:
  1. Your aero position on your old bike is very different than on your new bike.
  2. 2 or 3 degrees change in the seat post angle is a HUGE difference!
  3. There are muscles on the outside of your shoulders, and they hurt after 45min of being in the new aero position.
  4. After riding and shifting for the first ride of 60-90min, take some time to recalibrate the derailleurs and chain as they stretch after their initial use.
  5. No matter how much you love your new bike, you just can't quite give up your old one!
Other random bits:
  1. I managed to punish my credit card just a bit more over the weekend and registered for my last triathlon of the year -- the Canadian 113 half-iron in Ottawa on August 30, 2008.
  2. I'm still considering a fall marathon, but I'm not sure if I can recover and boost my run mileage in time. Well, at least without incurring an injury.
  3. As demonstrated during our holiday, you really can get sick of dining out.
  4. I've been surprised at how much of the Olympics I've been able to watch lately. I rarely watch television, but I've been able to catch a fair bit of swimming, volleyball, diving, gymnastics, and a bit of triathlon and rowing.
  5. My 4 year old daughter has a terminal case of Olympic Fever. She excitedly calls anyone around to come and watch the Olympics, regardless of the sport being shown. She's also declared that she wants to be an Olympian in gymnastics and diving. You go, little girl!
  6. One week vacation with your wife is NEVER enough.

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Closet Artist said...

well Nana and Papa ARE here for 3 more weeks!! Do you think they'd notice if we went out for supper and didn't come back?!