Saturday, 9 August 2008

One last, lovely workout for the week

Bike: ~45km @ 2hr45 (West Carleton Trail to Aston Station)

Today's plan was for a 3hr15 bike ride. I had thought I'd head back out to Almonte, and perhaps a bit past, to get that time in again. But I was very excited when my wife told me "Tomorrow, you and I are going for a bike ride." I told her about my training plans, and she said "Okay!"

Nana and Papa have arrived for an extended visit from Vancouver, and they were more than happy to attend to Claire. So my wife and I go for a near-once-in-a-lifetime extended bike ride.

Really, rides like this never happen for us. The last one was over 4yrs ago, so we were very excited about this one.

We rode the West Carleton Trail westbound out of Kanata and down to Aston Station, enjoying the old railbed of sand and crushed rock the entire way. Lots of wetlands to see, lots of frogs to watch for, and lots of good ol' talking with my (very) significant other.

It wasn't 3hr15, and it wasn't at tempo pace, and I wasn't on my road bike. But I wouldn't have traded this ride for anything. I've learned a lot this year with all this training, and one of the things I've learned is priorities. And when you get a chance for a priceless opportunity like this, training gets tossed out the window.

Renee - thanks for the ride! Can't wait until the next one!

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Closet Artist said...

Well the grandparents are here for 4 more weeks so we should get to do at least 4 more!! It was a blast riding beside you and I wish we could do it more often. Perhaps Claire will just have to get re-acquainted with the bike carrier!