Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Swim:  2250m @ ~1hr15

Once again, it took a LOT to get me out of bed again.  Thankfully I had the car today and could smack the snooze button a few extra times to get the groggies out.  That nasty nightmare I had last night didn't help with the sleep any - not sure what the hell that was about, but no more desert before bed!  

The overcast sky didn't help me either, as it was still really dark until nearly 6am.  While cool, it was very humid, with mist hanging in the air.  A very thick morning.

I made it to The Lord Elgin for my swim and to my surprise, there was someone in there swimming laps already at 6.30am.  That's a first!  Seeing someone knocking out laps got me pumped up a bit, so I showered up, slid in (and it was C-O-L-D!) and started swimming my warmup.

25m in, my goggles are fogged up.  Wipe them off, slap them on and go again.  I immediately notice that I didn't get it all, so 25m later I wipe them again - no change.  Turns out that it's not the goggles - it's the water.  

Now I know that I only pay $84/month there, and I know it's not like a city-run leisure center, but it is the Lord Elgin, one of Ottawa's top hotels that commands roughly $200/night.  The hotel is immaculate and luxurious (the parts I see, anyways), all but the pool water.  I'm quite shocked that the pool's in that shape, really.  Perhaps it's because of the surge in tourists using the pool now, well, at least the ones that don't shower off before getting in.  Grrrrr....

Here's to hoping that Thursday's swim will be much clearer.

Um...make that Friday's swim.  The engine light came on in the car, and it needs to be checked out before our road trip for next week.  Funny how you spend money before your vacation....

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