Monday, 4 August 2008

But it's a long weekend, so no worries!

Brick: 1hr41min
Bike: 33.75km @ 1hr05min (Fernbank Road)
Run: 5.7km @ 32min (Around the neighborhood)

When it comes to long weekends, I'm terrible for two things:
  1. Knowing when they are (it tends to be my wife "reminding" me of this about 2 days beforehand), and
  2. Becoming a bit of a lardass.
Long weekends are for being lazy and tardy, right? So if you're wondering where all my training reports went from the weekend, well, it's right here. It's still the weekend, so technically, I never missed anything. :) And yes, I very much enjoyed all the rest.

Saturday was busy with helping some friends move, followed by a surprise all-afternoon playdate for my daughter and her friend. They played so well and so independently that the dads were on the fringe asking "Okay - now what do we do?" Not so exciting for us, but great for the kids.

Sunday was, well, Sunday - God's proclaimed day of rest (not that we made it to church service...) and we treated it accordingly. Very little was done, except the spending of a bit more money at Home Depot.

Today was the "let's get back at it" day, led by my wife of course. As she gave the spin bike a working over, I headed out for my brick. Not knowing where to go, I did my usual "Go West, young man" start and found that the northwest wind was quite challenging...and fun. I decided to buckle down and ride to the end of Fernback Road, all westbound. I got to play with form and cadence through the wind and the hills, and stuck it out in the aerobars the entire time (I can hear the rolling of eyes from all the Ironman finishers reading that!). On the way back, I put down a shot of CarbBOOM (vanilla orange - not bad...) and a good swig of Sustained Energy (I love that stuff!) in preparation for the run.

The run went very well, even with the 1.5km uphill start on the loop. I find I'm getting better at managing the cadence off the bike, starting with short strides until the cadence drops, at which time my stride opens up. I managed to keep the HR between 85-95%max on the route and felt really quite good. Sure, I wouldn't want to hold that HR on a half marathon, but it made for a great tempo at the end of the ride - good prep for a sprint race (if I get another one of those in this year).

No being that this is a long weekend, the rest of the week is a bit of a mish-mash so I won't be following the schedule at the left as it stands. Currently, I'm thinking of tomorrow being Monday's swim and Tuesday's ride, and Wednesday being Friday's long run. Thursday would then be Friday's swim and Thursday's ride, and Friday would be Wednesday's run. Did you get all that? :)

Yup - clear as mud. Well, actually, clear as a bottle of Sustained Energy. But trust me, it tastes far better than it looks.

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