Monday, 7 July 2008

That forecast had better change!

Bike:  59.9km @ 1hr56 (west of Kanata)

This morning's ride was wonderful - I felt so fantastic after having two days off.  I felt guilty missing my long ride this weekend, so I headed out at about 5am to get it in.  There was no wind, and it was quiet and cool - almost cold, really.  I actually had to wear my armwarmers!

And with less than one week to go to the big day, I check the extended forecast.  Ouch.

For my readers in the U.S., that's 84F (feels like 99F), and a wind of 12mph.  The wind I can take, but that heat and humidity will be a killer.  That will take me closer to 7hrs than 6hrs.

Fingers are crossed that the forecast changes for the cooler!


TrainingtoTri said...

Oooh I will be doing a rain dance, for Thursday of course, so it rains and cools it off for your big day! Good luck.

Cliff said...

Nice and easy :)

...we had some scourging heat in Peterborough i never so happy to reach the finish line :)