Saturday, 12 July 2008

On the eve of my biggest race to date, I meet someone - again.

As part of my rest day leading to the Graham Beasley 113 Half Iron, we had a lovely birthday party for one of my daughter's friends.  She and her family are fantastic - always friendly and open, and very laid-back.  It was a wonderful time to see all the boys and girls playing and exploring.

During the pizza lunch, I sat beside Scott, Emma's father, with whom I'd spoken before.  When I first met Scott, I didn't know he was an Ironman - from Kona, nonetheless.  The second time we met, at my daughter's birthday party, I learned that he'd got his Kona slot through the lottery, and earned it by completing a half-iron a few weeks later (that's one of the criteria to keep the slot).

Today I learned that Scott finished his Kona journey in just over 13 hours, after about six months of training.  And then I was hit with a stunning revelation - this Scott is the same Scott Goodfellow seen here, about 1min in.
Even before I learned that this was Emma's dad, I was truly in awe that this man went to this length - his limit - only to get up, walk, and then run in the last 5 miles just to prove that it wasn't a limit at all.  I have been envious of and inspired by this man ever since I saw that video years ago.  He's made me question myself, my stamina, my strengths, my will - "If I were in that situation, right now, what would I do?"  I think I know the answer, but I don't for sure.  All I know is that I want to know that answer.

And then I learn that Scott is that man, that previously-unknown dedicated  and inspiring competitor that has unknowingly driven me to push through my (apparent) limits, and to question myself and my beliefs in myself.

What an honor.

As I prepare my list of items for tomorrow's race, and as I prepare my mind for what I'm about to do, I experience conflict on a personal level watching this video again.  I'm realizing how mentally I just don't believe in myself like I should.  Internally, my mind is realizing what potential and drive really are, and that they really do exist within me.  If Scott can get through that, I sure as hell can get through this race and have fun doing it.  The will and drive is there.

Scott told me his reason for continuing in this race was simply to meet his goal - finish.  Well said, and well done.

Thanks for the inspiration.

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Kim said...

Wow! That was an awesome video!!