Monday, 21 July 2008

Okay - enough excuses!

Run:  6.8km @ 38min (Rideau Canal)
- 18min @ tempo pace (sub5min/km)

Alright - enough is enough!  Whether I do a half-iron in August, or if I bail out and do shorter races, or even if I don't do anything, I've got to get this training started up again.  Yeah, I skipped my swim this morning 'cause I was tired but waa-waa-waa it's time to HTFU and get back at it!

Oddly enough, Peter felt the same way.  So we headed out on our 38min run, where we stuffed in 18min at tempo pace.  We talked and b*tched the whole time about work, and we still held a sub-5min/km pace!  It's great that we could do that, but we probably should have shut up and picked it up a notch to really benefit from the effort.  But it was a great feeling to get out and remember (mentally and physically) what shape I'm in now.

I don't know if it's because of the fear of not having done a half-iron previously, but my mental direction for this training is waning.  I think that I'd be happy doing any races for the rest of the summer, but I really feel this desire to do another half-iron.  Unfortunately the same desire doesn't apply to the training (currently, at least).  I'll try to HTFU this week and see what that leads to.

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Cliff said...

I miss the most from going long is the long bike rides that I would schedule myself. Those are precious secluded moments where I can enjoy the solitude and the freedom.

I am beginning to train for marathon (mid Oct). My friends are doing a try-a-tri in end of Aug and I am tempted to do a sprint tri (same race event as theirs). :)

The short ones are you, i am eager to just tri one more time.

I just have to see it doesn't mess up my training schedule too much.