Thursday, 31 July 2008

I think I need to read my own post.

Namely the last one about working through problems. My inability to wake up in the mornings for training (well, for almost anything, really) is surprising even me. I slept through my 4.45am alarm today, and nearly slept through my subsequent 6am alarm - again!

I don't know what it is, but it causes me to feel guilty that I'm not getting these workouts in.

Now while I vent to everyone out there, I probably should give myself some credit. This week has been a good week for training, and I've put in some hard, high-quality sessions in:
  • Monday's hard tempo run
  • Tuesday's super challenging tempo ride - 2x10min @ 90%maxHR with 10min rest within a 60min ride
  • Yesterday's hill set with Peter - 5 x 500m @ 250ft climb each in ~3min, total run of ~60min.
Yes, I should be tired after those workouts. But it doesn't help my inner guilt.

Being an engineer, I analyze pretty much everything. I'm a smooth talker too. So I'll continue that trend here - but don't worry, a plan's a-comin'!
  • Inconsistent training pattern. Since completing the half-iron, my training plan has not been followed as closely as before. I think I may still be trying to form the training "habit" I had before.
  • Shorter days. Yes, we've passed the June solstice and now days are getting much shorter. My 4.45am wake-ups used to be greeted by the sun, but now it feels like midnight.
  • No accountability. I have yet to register for the next half-iron on August 30.
  • Poor recovery. Little stretching, improper fueling (before, during and after) doesn't leave much in the tank - mentally or physically. I need to read Chuckie V's recovery post...again.
Yeah, that's about it. These came up easy and quickly - I didn't have to work hard to come up with this, so that means it's probably right.

So how will I work through this?
  • Sign up for the half-iron race and make it official.
  • Head to my favorite store and stock up on nutritional goods.
  • Keep those goods in my office to support those lunch-time runs.
  • Renew at The Lord Elgin for pool access.
  • Stop going to bed at 11pm every night...well, at least those where a 4.45am call follows.
Oh yeah, I forgot one more.
  • Post all this to whomever will listen, and make myself accountable to them all.

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Cliff said...

Hang in there. I notice the days are getting shorter as well.

Your habit will come :). There are a number of times when I hit the snooze button and let my body rest.