Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Canada Day Road Races in Kanata - 5km + Special Mention

Run: 5km @ 24min46
Place: 8/17 M30-39, 69/157 men, 96/305 overall

Rather than do a simple tempo run workout at home today, I decided to do it via a local 5km race just minutes from home. The Bushtukah Canada Day Road Races are extremely family friendly, definitely grass roots, and run in the quiet neighborhoods of Kanata.

These road races have been dwarfed by the national HBC Canada Day runs that are linked across the country, which is unfortunate 'cause all the other runners are missing out. The Kanata road race is a simple, small gathering of dedicated runners that don't get closed-off roads - not even a full lane - but put in a great show and have a lot of fun. There's tonnes of kids, as well as athletes that get into age groups you don't see very often anymore.

And to add to the fun, I just had to wear my Canada Day jester hat - it even has bells on it! I knew it would drive me crazy sounding like Santa for 5km, but I also knew I'd get a few laughs and comments with it too. I found that along with the jingle of the bells, there were two other downfalls of this hat: [1] it's hotter than hell, and [2] it doesn't stop the sun at all - I've got a sunburn on my head! But I did get some great laughs with it, and it made me easy to identify for my wife and daughter.

My speedy run fit me well, and my HR was kept rather high throughout, hitting a reported 97%maxHR near the end. I felt great otherwise, with my legs not really being tired or anything - I was limited by my improved (and still improving) cardio system. I'm hoping I hold up that well for the half-iron. :)

And my speedy run allowed my wife and daughter to have some fun time too. Claire got her face painted (a purple butterfly, of course!), they listened to bagpipes and drums supplied by the local Royal Canadian Legion (which really makes you feel patriotic), and they cheered the crowds on. They had a lot of fun, and I'm really glad that this race can provide that (unlike the HBC one).

But perhaps the most fun came well after my race. Claire ran her first race today - The 100m Tot Trot. It's the cutest thing! All of the kids get shirts and a bib (all with #1) to make it all official. At the end, they all get finisher ribbons - and this is what my daughter had been waiting for all week! She was so excited and just couldn't wait. When her race was getting ready, she just wanted to go - no mom, no dad, no pictures, just the starter's pistol. And when the gun did go off, so did she...leaving mommy where she stood! She ran and ran with everything her little body could provide, and all of her determination was clearly evident on her face. I have no idea how fast she did the run, but she wanted to do it again!

After that, we smothered Claire with hugs and kisses, played in the park for a bit, and cheered the Kids 1km Fun Run. We all had such a great time, and it was a great way to spend the morning of Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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Cliff said...

have a great race this weekend :)

I was running yesterday and was just ripping it pretty good. Have to remind myself that I need to save my body for the race.