Sunday, 8 June 2008

Wow. That was hard.

Bike: 76.8km @ 2hr41 (Kanata/Stittsville/Munster/Richmond/North Gower)

Today's ride was tough! Tonnes of wind, super hot and lots of humidity. I was worn out very early on, but managed to just keep turning that crank. I did have to shift down a fair bit to manage the wind, but I tended to keep my HR around 80%max. Surprisingly, I didn't really feel the heat until near the end of the ride.

But as much as I was feeling the wind and heat, I had nothing to complain about. This weekend was the Rideau Lakes Tour, which takes riders from central Ottawa to Kingston on secondary highways. Saturday's ride is down to Kingston, and Sunday's ride is back to Ottawa - about 180km each way. Almost every one of them were suffering more than I - well, the ones I saw.

They way I'm feeling right now, I'm just glad I wasn't covering 360km in this heat and wind.

So now I'm going to rest, recover, and head out for spaghetti with the family. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake for it. :)

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Cliff said...

Ottawa to Kingston and back.

That sounds like a good long ride.