Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Regaining motivation

Run:  7km @ 38min (18min @ 85-95%maxHR)

With less than three weeks to my first half-iron race, you think I'd be super pumped to get the training done. To crank out the last full week of work before starting to taper down. To stress the body just one more time before getting into recovery mode. Let me tell you, I sure as hell am! 

But I'm finding now, in Week 18, that things are really starting to get worn down. I mentioned this before, but this week it's certainly to a new level. I'm having a hard time falling asleep, and when I do fall asleep, I just can't get enough of it. I need a forklift to get myself out of bed lately. My arms, shoulders and back are tired and aching, my legs feel heavy and tight, and my mental focus seems easily distracted. 

Today's workout was a planned swim of 2100m and a tempo run. No forklifts were available this morning, so I slept through my swim. I used the excuse of needing to rest my arms, which still hurt from the weekend. :) But today's run was going to happen, like it or not - and I was siding more on the "not" side of things. Peter doesn't usually run with me on Wednesdays due to work needs, but he was available today. He said he'd go with me and do his best to keep up during the 18min tempo leg of today's 38min run. Little did he realize just how much he was going to help me through this today. 

Peter's 25yrs my senior, has been doing very little training, and biked into work today. As such, he apologized in case he "held me back" today on our run, which never happened. Personally, I was ready to quit after 4min, but Peter just kept chugging, with that marathoner's base carrying him through. 

Peter was breathing hard, working hard and hurting. I was in the same boat. But given the training I've been through, I just couldn't accept the thought of quiting on him. I had to stick it out. 

18min later, we were done, tired, hot and proud. Our average pace was roughly 4min50/km, and we held that for roughly 4km. For both of us, that's fast, and it's even faster given our (perceived) conditions when we started out.  Good stuff!

Then Peter reminded me about how I should be proud of what I've done over the last 18 weeks or so. Initially I shrugged it off, but when I really consider his statements, there is a tonne to be proud of. What's funny is that I've been so focused on getting the work done that I haven't really seen just what has been done. Running a report on for my training log shows the following result for this year to date: 
  • Swim: 70.58km over 42 swims (35hr32);
  • Bike: 424.8km over 9 rides (13hr59);
  • Spin: 37hr42 over 35 sessions;
  • Run: 404.7km over 54 runs (38hr23).
For me, that's huge. I've never, EVER hit numbers like this. And I've never been in this good of shape in my life. 

So now I've changed my perspective. What I'm feeling is not fatigue or aches. It's pride. It's effort. It's determination. It's success. And I should revel in it all. 

Thanks, Peter.

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monica said...

hey there!! 3 weeks!! wooo hoooo!! and your numbers are AWESOME!!

wow, you've come a long way from when you were questioning when it was the right time to jump up to ironman. i think you'll be so glad you started at the half iron distance. you've stayed very focused, organized and still made family first priority. on top of it all, you've made some marked improvements where you wanted. all that will pay off at your race. can't wait to read about it!!