Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My daughter's got me beat!

Well, on the injury front, that is.  She gave herself a nice belated birthday gift - a mild concussion.

The poor kid!  Sounds like she was super tired from all the birthday happenings last weekend, and she wasn't feeling well to begin with, then she slips and falls off her chair as she's trying to have lunch!  A big egg on the left of her head, and a line on the forehead was the evidence.

She napped for about 1hr after that, and then started vomitting, and she couldn't eat anything and keep it down.  After a few hours of rest for her, we headed to the emergency room and proceeded to wait for about 5hrs.  During this time, she was getting hungry, but we were told she shouldn't eat anything.  Since she hadn't really had anything since breakfast (and it was about 9pm) we started giving her some goldfish crackers and water.  They stayed down, and she ended up eating the entire bag - and she was still hungry.  Finally, at about 11.30pm, the doctor came and saw her, gave the diagnosis, and 5min later we were let go.  5hrs for 5min, as my wife says.  >grrrr<  But at least we know she's okay.

But the rest of the night was filled with alarms.  Every 2hrs I had to wake her up and make sure she wasn't fading the wrong way.  What freaked me was that she was so hard to wake up, but only because she was so bloody tired!  She's only 4, and she was up from 6am to midnight, and she crashed as soon as her sweet little head hit the pillow.

Here's how some of this went:
  • Me:  "Claire?"
  • Claire (sleepy):  "What?"
  • Me:  "Am I mommy or daddy?"
  • Claire: "zzzzZZZZZZzzzzz"
  • Me:  "Crap!"    "Claire?"
  • Claire: "zzzz...What?!"
  • Me:  "Am I mommy or daddy?"
  • Claire: "zzzZZZZZZzzz"
That was the 2am wake-up.  It was slightly more animated at 4.30am, but she was moving around to get comfortable, so I knew she was okay.  Peeking in at 6.30am, she was just fine.  Then she gave mommy an 8am wake-up call and all's been well ever since.

So how does she have me beat?  Easy - I'm terrified of getting injured.  I've spent my whole life staying away from things that may cause me to go to the hospital.  My worst injury is a tie:  either a partially torn tendon in my elbow, or a sprained thumb.  Claire's got that beat hands-down, and she's only 4.

Yet she's still excited about doing her first race this year.  At lunch today (we met at the Museum of Civilization, after Claire and mommy had a museum morning) she asked about the "Tot Trot" again - a 100m race on Canada Day that follows 5k and 10k events.  She reminded me that I need to register for that too.  Should be a nice family day there.

And speaking of registering and training, I'm registered for the Smiths Falls Classic on Sunday (which I'm excited for) but my training this week as fallen a bit.  I skipped Monday's swim because of Claire's birthday (that trumps everything!), and yesterday's hospital trip was unavoidable.  Given I'm all full of kinks and knots (I get stressed over family), I'm back in the saddle tonight to work it out.  I'm planning on getting out early for my 1hr30 run before work, and spinning again tomorrow evening.  Friday's an unknown - life gets that way sometimes.  :)

But the big unknown is only 3.5wks away!  That half-iron tri is coming up fast!

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