Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Pool Days, and the End of a (Personal) Era

Swim:  2000m @ 60min

In all the (few) months I've been swimming at the Lord Elgin hotel, I've never seen the pool as busy as it was today.  We had squeezed 4 lanes in today, with the "slow" lane doing a circle swim to get the aqua-runners all in.  It was kind of hilarious to see all of us doing our own things - some speed demons doing flip turns, me, older women fluttering around trying not to get their hair wet, and the runners.  It made the water rather choppy (there's no lane ropes) which some people hated, but I actually enjoyed it thinking it would ready me for the open-water swims coming up.

Today, I just had to get in the water.  I've been pretty lax on my biking, and I skipped it again last night - I just can't seem to get on the spin bike in the evenings like I used to.  So I committed myself to three things:  
  • this morning's swim, 
  • today's run, 
  • tomorrow's bike workout which will be done (a) outdoors and (b) in the morning before I go to work.
Monday night, the coach kept picking on my for exaggerating my left-arm pull, causing a flick and an acceleration that pushes me down, rather than forward.  It also causes stress and fatigue in the shoulder.  Turns out that I was doing the same thing today too, but I did notice that it comes out when my arms get tired, or when I'm feeling short on air - like I'm rushing the catch portion of the stroke and making up for it with an exaggerated pull.  Definitely something to focus on, 'cause when I don't do this, I feel smooth and clean in the water.

And now, a moment of silence.
My Polar S120 that wasn't working before is working again thanks to a new battery.  Unfortunately, there's something that causes a short of the battery that causes random stuff to happen with it.  And if that wasn't enough, I found out that the seals are no longer good, so it's no longer waterproof.  Well, at least the battery's clean.  :(

So after nearly 6 years of sweaty, dedicated service, it has finally met its maker.  I must admit that I hate to replace something that's working fine, and I've tried to resuscitate this HRM to keep me from spending more money, but it's beyond me now.

So now I must accept the fact that I am in the market for a new HRM.  I was considering the Suunto T3 before, but I've heard that they're difficult to use and have questionable waterproofing (and they're pricey - yikes!).  Something tells me that I'll go back to a Polar model, as they have the best reputation for HRMs around.  And hey, if the $100 model S120 can last me nearly 6 years, they're built to last.

And now, I try to air-dry my HRM and salvage the battery....


Closet Artist said...

So sad. I'll wear black for you today.

Cliff said...

6 yrs? Mine HRM doesn't last more than a year.

I guess it must due to the fact that my sweat is acidic.